CommuniGate Pro is:

CommuniGate Pro is the most advanced E-mail server on the market. It exchanges E-mail with all other Internet E-mail servers using the SMTP protocol and its extensions, and it provides access to Account mailboxes via POP, IMAP, MAPI, and AirSync protocols.
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IP Telephony
CommuniGate Pro is the most versatile and scalable VoIP solution available on the market today. Its Signaling engine provides support for SIP and XMPP inter-server signaling, and for a vast variety of SIP, XMPP, XIMSS, ParlayX and CG/PL clients.
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Contact Center
The CommuniGate Pro Contact Center is a WebRTC based business application that powers support, sales or billing centre voice communications and much more... Virtual call center agents can be added or removed in real-time!
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CommuniGate Pro implements an IM/Presence (CPIM) system, merging both the XMPP and SIP standards. The platform enables server to server communications and can be a bridge to Web Chat applications. This system is linked with other CommuniGate Pro components - Rules engine, File Storage, and Directory services.
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CommuniGate Pro implements the standard Groupware features, such as Calendaring, Tasks, and Contacts. The Groupware data storage is integrated with the Mailbox storage, and each Account can have several Calendar-type, Tasks-type, and Contacts-type folders.
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File Server
Files are security stored and optionally encrypted with powerful ACL based sharing thru the Web interfaces or URL sharing support.

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