Integration Active Directory and CommuniGate Pro

Download the module for the integration of Active Directory and CommuniGate Pro here >>.

ADSync-CGP is a solution that integrates Active Directory with CommuniGate Pro. The application runs as Windows service and notifies CGPro about changes in Active Directory. ADSync-CGP supports entry creation, modification and deletion procedures. The application connects to CGPro using the PWD protocol.

In order to install the service you should unpack the archive and run the ADSync-CGPSetup.msi file. Once installation is done proceed to the application directory (by default it is C:\Program Files\CommuniGate Systems\ADSync-CGP) and open the .config file in a text editor. Specify the following parameters in the XML:

ADBaseDN - base DN for change notification entries;
ADAccountNameAttribute - name of the attribute which value will be used as CGPro account name;
CGPro* - parameters for connection to CGPro.

You can define the entries attributes to account settings translation rules in the same section of the configuration.

Once you finish with the .config file you can find and start the service at Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services. The service logs can be found at Control panel -> Administrative Tools -> Event Viewer.

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